The students loiter outside, smoking and fooling around, which

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Fingerlings Monkey ”It’s going to be a logistical nightmare to feed and supervise all of these kids who would have otherwise gone off campus, but those are minor inconveniences we’re willing to live with.”Las Vegas High Principal Barry Gunderson said he continues to support the concept of open campuses, which he backed six years ago, when the School Board debated closing campuses but voted to allow high schools to decide whether to remain open.”No, my mind has not changed, but with the emotions being expressed by parents who want the campus to be closed, I will give them what they want and close it,” Gunderson said today.Gunderson, while expressing sorrow for the dead students and condolences to their parents, said, ”I do not believe open campuses cause car wrecks.”High school cafeterias serve thousands of students daily, a number that will likely soar once more campuses close, Dan McPartlin, director of food services for the Clark County School District, said.The district will need to hire more food service workers and purchase more outdoor seating areas and mobile service carts to handle the overflow from the cafeteria, McPartlin said. Ideally the additional lunchtime traffic will help pay for the extra staff and equipment, he said.The news that the district’s high schools would close during the lunch periods came as a relief to Cindy Pellegrini, co owner of Napoli Pizza on Warm Springs Road next to Green Valley High School. The students loiter outside, smoking and fooling around, which discourages customers, Pellegrini said.”I wouldn’t want to come in here during lunch, with that crowd hanging around,” Pellegrini said. Fingerlings Monkey

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Fingerlings Outlet Unusual old shrubs include several in front of the mansion: cockspur coral from Brazil, a white flowered magnolia from China, and strawberry bush from southern France. The trip leaders will discuss current horticultural and pruning practices as well as make suggestions about selection of plants for Chico yards. Participants are encouraged to bring leaves from plants they wish to have identified or talk about problems they are having with insects or diseases Fingerlings Outlet.


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